The 4GC Team

Luciano Dalle Ore

Luciano brings to 4GC more than 24 years of direct hands-on technical, marketing and product development experience in the storage and networking industries. Before joining 4GC, Luciano was COO at Lumenare, a company that developed test management systems for tier 1 telecoms, vice president of engineering and CTO for Z-force, a company that developed file switching technology, and an advisor to QTV Capital.

Luciano was Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Advanced Development for the SNAP Division of Quantum Corporation, which he joined as a result of Quantum’s acquisition of Meridian Data, where he had been the Vice President of Advanced Development and Product Manager for the Snap Server. At Quantum, he was responsible for the long-term architecture of the SNAP Server product line and developed the SNAP division strategic roadmap. He also played a key role as an influential member of the original IETF design team for the iSCSI protocol.

Prior to Quantum and Meridian Data, Luciano has served in executive, product development and marketing positions at a variety of large and small companies, including Olivetti Advanced Technology Center in Cupertino, California. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

Craig DeNoce
Associate Partner

Craig brings over 20 years leadership with business technology solution providers, helping companies position, market, design, fund, and sell software-based business solutions in a variety of verticals including finance, banking, retail, food & beverage, technology, and CPG. He has held senior marketing, product management, and sales positions with Oracle, Sybase, and AT&T, as well as several successful startups.

Craig is CMO of Global Green Village, a non-profit focused on economic revitalization of communities through application of green technologies and collaborative planning as outlined in the “GreenPrint for Sustainability”. Craig is also owner of MSI, a boutique go-to-market consultancy for growth technology businesses, where he has successfully helped many firms in market positioning & development, acquisition outcomes, and VC funding. Craig was VP Marketing of Timestock (customer Experience Management), acquired by CA; VP Sales & Marketing of Isadra (E-Commerce retail), acquired by Verticalnet; and co-founder of Proxar/Ecosystems (systems management), acquired by Compuware.

At Oracle Craig directed marketing programs that tripled penetration of the Internet Applications System Division products, and spearheaded Oracle’s Internet buy/build/partner decisions; at Sybase Craig focused two business units’ go-to-market strategies to help deliver the company’s fastest growth period (from $250M to $1B in 3 years); and at AT&T and Olivetti he was responsible for new Unix Operating Systems and Management products which were adopted worldwide.

Jim Harter
Associate Partner

With over 25 years in high technology, including over a decade working with leading software companies, Jim provides a relentless focus on customers and the products and services to support them. As an experienced executive in professional services, sales engineering, and customer support, Jim advises in the areas of professional services organizations and implementation practices, product design for implementation, outsourcing alternatives, and customer support systems. Jim has extensive experience in a wide variety of technologies and product domains, including Web 2.0, multi-tier enterprise applications, data warehousing and analytics, testing, network and mobile technologies, and complex integrations.

Jim spent 13 years building customer facing organizations in fast-growing software companies, including running professional services and support organizations at BroadVision and Tumbleweed during their hyper-growth, newly public stages. Jim personally managed implementations at marquee customers such as American Airlines, Sears, HP, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, and many others. His services organizations built many ‘first of the kind’ ecommerce and corporate sites, while scaling the business at 200% + per year. Jim also led services, support, and sales engineering organizations at innovative companies such as Covalent Technologies (commercial open source software, acquired by SpringSource), Datanautics( Web analytics and anti-phising products), and QuikCycle (complex network testing automation and management).

Prior to his experience with software companies, Jim spent 15 years with Apple Computer, leading technical pre-sales, field operations, and support organizations as Apple grew from less than 1000 employees and $150 Million in revenue to over 10,000 employees and $10 Billion. Jim worked across multiple sales and distribution channels at Apple, including retail, large enterprise, OEM, and education sales.