4GC is a consulting firm that provides project through C-level engagement expertise in the fields of Web, application and system software for:
  • Product Development/Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Professional Services/Customer Service
We work with both early and late stage companies, either during transitional stages or to address specific needs or issues, which include
  • Getting to the first customer fast
  • Managing development/marketing/go-to-market risks
  • Optimizing the use of resources by outsourcing non-core tasks, for example professional services
  • Increasing top and bottom lines by evolving products, customers, channels and support to match market requirements, and focusing on margins
  • Decreasing costs by improving engineering effectiveness and efficiency, implementing, if appropriate, outsourcing and rightsizing, and managing communications effectiveness
We do so by
  • Performing due diligence and rapid assessments
  • Formulating action plans
  • Cooperating in the execution as either advisors or as integral part of the management team
  • Providing interim management and outsourcing